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Axis deer

Habitat Semi-open and dry bush forests in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Age 9-13 years

Weight Does: Up to 75 kg Stags: Up to 90 kg

Up to 100 cm

Gestation Period
7.5 months

Number of Offspring
1 fawn

Conservation Status
Not threatened

Did you know that…

  • When deer shed the velvet from their antlers, they actually eat some of it because it contains valuable nutrients.
  • The dental structure of axis deer is perfectly designed for grazing.
  • Axis deer are skilled swimmers.
  • Axis deer are highly vocal and use distinct sharp alarm calls to communicate.
  • Both males and females have alarm calls and barking sounds.
  • In the wild, they are often seen grazing near trees where langur monkeys reside.
  • They do this because langurs sometimes drop fruits that the axis deer can eat.
  • It’s also a good strategy because the monkeys warn them if there are predators nearby.

Meet the herd of axis deer at Skovridersletten.