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Goeldi’s monkeys

Canopy of trees in South America

The exact lifespan of the Goeldi’s monkey in the wild is unknown, but they live around 15-20 years in zoological facilities.

393-890 g

21-23.4 cm excluding the tail

Gestation Period
5 months

Number of Offspring
1 offspring (rarely 2)

Conservation Status
Near threatened

Did you know…

  • The Goeldi’s monkey is a social animal and often rests and sleeps together in groups.
  • In the wild, they are often found living with groups of other tamarin species and other small primates. This makes it easier for them to travel longer distances and find more food.
  • Goeldi’s monkeys communicate through vocalizations, scent marking (from their abdomen), feces, and body language.
  • They primarily feed on fruits, insects, and small vertebrates.
  • As one of the few primate species, Goeldi’s monkeys rely on fungi as a food source during periods of low fruit availability.
  • Goeldi’s monkeys can horizontally leap up to 3.9 meters without losing height in the jump.

Meet the Goeldi’s monkeys in Abeskoven.