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Miniature zebu

Dwarf zebus are found in South and North America, Asia, and Africa. The breed originally originates from India.

Up to 20 years

200-300 kg

110-120 cm

9 months

Number of offspring
1 calf

Conservation status
Not threatened

Did you know…

  • The dwarf zebu is the world’s smallest cattle breed. Zebus are capable of tolerating high levels of heat and sunlight.
  • This is due to their abundant sweat glands in the skin, which help regulate body temperature.
  • The large drooping ears and the flap of skin under the neck also aid in heat regulation.
  • The hump on their back contains fat and serves as an energy reserve that can be utilized during periods of limited or poor-quality food.
  • While grazing near water, zebras occasionally catch small crustaceans.
  • Although they primarily feed on grass, branches, and shrubs, these crustaceans are considered a delicacy.
  • Zebus are known for their endurance, friendly temperament, toughness, and ability to thrive with limited resources.
  • They grow slowly, but their meat is of high quality.
  • That’s why zebus have been crossed with other beef cattle breeds.
  • More than 75 different zebu species have been bred, each with specific characteristics depending on where they are raised in the world.

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