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Plan your visit to Knuthenborg Safaripark

Knuthenborg Safaripark is for everyone! However, of course, with so many opportunities, questions also arise. In the menu you can find answers to some of the most searched questions, but you are also always welcome to contact us!

Good to know before you visit us


Knuthenborg Allé 1, DK-4930 Maribo

It doesn’t take long

  • Copenhagen: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Ringsted: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Næstved: 1 hour
  • Køge: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Vordingborg: 35 minutes
  • Nykøbing F: 30 minutes
  • Nakskov: 30 minutes
  • Svendborg: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Odense: 2 hours 10 minutes

Unfortunately, you cannot rent a car from Knuthenborg.

On the animal’s terms

All driving in the park takes place on the animal’s terms. You get the best experience by being quiet and calm. You drive at on your own risk in Knuthenborg, both personally and materially. You can get around in your car or coach, on a motorcycle or bicycle – or you can enjoy the park on foot. However, keep in mind that the distances are large: There are 23 km of roads in the safari park!

The speed limit is maximum 30 km/h throughout the safari park. However, in Tiger Forest and Wolf Forest it is maximum 10 km/h.
Keep an eye on the animals and pay attention to young and lying animals. Therefore, only drive on the roads.

Feeding the animals is forbidden!
The animal keepers feed the animals every day and ensure that the animals receive exactly the type and amount of feed they need. Other or more food can make the animals sick. Therefore, guests are not allowed to feed our animals!

In the areas where animals are allowed to go, the following applies:

  • No smoking.
  • Children under 15 must be accompanied and supervised by adults.
  • Your car must be supervised at all times.
  • Dogs must of course stay in the car.
  • Feel free to touch the animals, but not the camels.
  • Respect it if the animals pull away or stay away.
  • Animals with young can be dismissive, for example, the water buffalo.
  • Have respect for the animals and do not approach from an unexpected angle, for instance, from behind so they get surprised.

In areas with other dangerous animals
In areas with dangerous animals (including Wolf Forest, Tiger Forest, the Savannah, Dyrehaven and Egebæk Plain), you must stay in the vehicle. You will be given a safety sheet at the gate with these areas marked.
It is also not allowed to drive cars with soft roofs in Tiger Forest and Wolf Forest.
Motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians do not have access to areas with dangerous animals.

Racks, luggage and bicycles mounted on the car
Racks for bicycles, prams, kayaks and the like must not be mounted on the car when driving in Tiger Forest and Wolf Forest. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to remove the bicycle – the rack must also be removed. This applies to racks mounted on both towbars and roofs. This is because the tigers can find these racks very exciting! Hard plastic roof boxes are, as a rule, welcome unless staff on the day assesses it differently. We appreciate your understanding – it’s about your safety.

Free parking and plenty of space
There are many great experiences outside the car, so park at one of the three large car parks at Limpopo Land, Monkey Forest or Dinosaur Forest. If you bring a caravan, it can be conveniently parked at Limpopo Land while driving around and enjoying the animals. There are outdoor eating facilities near all three car parks with tables and benches for food you bring with you. Remember that you must not eat or drink in the animal areas.

Our experiences are for everyone

There are excellent facilities for both the disabled and the elderly at Knuthenborg Safaripark. Everyone can experience the amazing presence of the wildlife and the beautiful historic park on an equal footing without having to worry about stairs, poor surfaces or toilet facilities.

In the company of the animals
The large African, American and Asian animals such as rhinos, giraffes, bison and tigers are always experienced by car for safety reasons.

In the company of the animals
The petting animals on Maglemermarken and Bandholmmarken very often come right up to the asphalt roads in the park, from where you, as a wheelchair user, have the opportunity to get very close to them.
The footpaths in the enclosures are intended for pedestrian traffic, for example, at the lemur and kangaroo enclosures, and are paved and can be used by wheelchair users. There is excellent access for a fantastic view of the baboons.

Toilet facilities
Limpopo House has disabled toilets. The house is right next to the large car park at Limpopo Land. There is also a disabled toilet at the car park in Dinosaur Forest.

Access for helpers
If as a disabled person you need a companion, you can have one (max one) companion in the safari park for free. However, this requires that you can present a valid companion card from the Disabled Peoples’ Organizations Denmark (DPOD) or the Danish Association of the Blind. The card is presented at ticket sales at the gate.

Assistive aids
By contacting Information in Limpopo House, it is possible to borrow wheelchairs as long as there are chairs available. The wheelchair user’s health insurance card must be left as collateral in Information.

Parking options
There are three central car parks: In front of Limpopo House with Information and the play area, at Monkey Forest with the baboon and lemur enclosures, as well as a car park at Dinosaur Forest. Parking is free throughout the safari park, and there is plenty of room!

NEW: Café Flintehuset

This year, Café Flintehuset opens for the first time. With inspiration from the African restaurant Giraf Manor, you can enjoy the delicious local gourmet food while sitting at eye level with Savannah’s wildlife. It’s a unique lunch experience not seen anywhere else in Denmark.

NAKURU is a cosy eatery with delicious, crispy pizzas and great salads.

Kisumo Burgers will fortify you with delicious burgers with grilled beef steak and bacon, crispy breaded chicken or tender pulled pork. Of course, we also have a children’s burger served with delicious crispy French fries.

In Limpopo Land you will find the Churros house right next to the water playground. What to top your churros with: Soft ice, jam, chocolate, or something else entirely?

You can relax in the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee at Caféen. It’s about quality time, just like in the rest of Knuthenborg Safaripark. Here there is just more of it, and if you are parents, take note, because Caféen is right next to Denmark’s largest adventure playground!

The Limpopo Shop at Limpopo Land has a large selection of souvenirs, which includes clothing, books, handicrafts, soft animals, toys, postcards, jewellry, and puzzles. There is something here for all tastes and budgets. This is also where you find Knuthenborg’s own products such as beer and jam. Pop by and we will help you find the perfect thing for you.
It is also possible to find lovely gifts, souvenirs, etc., in Pangea. Located in Dinosaur Forest, Pangea offers everything from fossils to ice lollies.

Yes, dogs are welcome. They must always remain in the car with the windows closed while driving in animal areas. In Wolf Forest and Tiger Forest, dogs must not be in the car, but must be placed at the “dog parking” outside these enclosures at your own risk. There is shade here. Outside the animal areas, dogs must always be on a lead and you must pick up any poo. Dogs are also welcome in Limpopo Land, as long as they are on a lead.
Never leave your dog in a hot car!

There are activities for all ages in Limpopo Land. For the Kampala Express roller coaster, children must be min. 100 cm and accompanied by an adult, and from 125 cm children can ride alone.
For the Congo Splash roller coaster, children must be min. 120 cm and accompanied by an adult, and from 140 cm children can ride alone.

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