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Chapman’s zebras

zebra på elefantsletten i Knuthenborg

Savannahs in East and Southern Africa (mainly Zimbabwe)

Up to 20 years

175-385 kg

1.10 – 1.45 meters The stallion will be slightly taller than the mare.

12 months

Number of offspring
1 foal

Status in the wild
At risk of becoming threatened

Did you know…

  • Chapman’s zebra, which we have in Knuthenborg, is a species of plains zebras, which also includes the mountain zebra and Grevy’s zebra.
  • Chapman’s zebras are the only zebra species that have brown “shadow stripes” between the black and white stripes.
  • All zebras have individual stripe patterns, just like fingerprints.
  • Animal keepers can distinguish individuals based on these unique patterns.
  • Zebras mainly feed on grasses in the savannah but can also eat other plants for protein.
  • Zebras live in herds. In the wild, a herd can consist of several thousand individuals.
  • Within these large herds, smaller groups/harems form, consisting of 1 stallion, 1-6 mares, and their offspring.
  • In Knuthenborg, we have one large herd of zebras. Therefore, the mares have formed several smaller subgroups that stick together within the herd.
  • If one zebra is attacked by a predator, the other zebras will come to its aid by forming a circle and attacking the threat.
  • Zebras are among the few mammals that can see colors, except for orange.

Meet the zebra herd at Elefantsletten.