Terms and Conditions

Online tickets

  • Non-refundable and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.
  • Open tickets (i.e. not date-specific) can only be used 2 hours after purchase and are only valid for the season and period stated on the ticket.
  • Open tickets (i.e. not date-specific) include admission to the whole of Knuthenborg Safaripark including Limpopo Land.
  • Multi-person admission tickets cannot be distributed over several days, and no credit is issued if one of the participants does not come on the day.
  • Season ticket holders at one of Knuthenborg’s business partners (DAZA, BonBon-Land, etc.) receives a discount on admission, but this ONLY applies to purchases at the gate (not the webshop). It is not possible to get a discount on arrival if you have already purchased a ticket in our webshop.

Annual Pass and Family Pass

  • Delivered by post within approx. 14 business days. Knuthenborg Safaripark is not responsible for any delays at PostNord.
  • Non-refundable and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.
  • The pass is personal and cannot be transferred to other people.
  • The valid date is on the pass.
  • The pass must have a clear portrait photo (not a full figure) of the passholder and uploaded when ordering.
  • Only the passholder is allowed to be in the photo.
  • If you are scanning a physical photo, it must be cropped before being uploaded, so there is not a lot of white around the edges.
  • The photo on the pass is not approved by Knuthenborg Safaripark before the first visit to the safari park. If the photo does not meet the requirements for quality, size and recognisability specified on, or if other information is not completed correctly, the pass will be confiscated at the gate, and a new pass must be ordered at Information (for a fee). At Information, text/date of birth can be changed, or a new photo can be taken if necessary. The new pass will be sent by post.
  • If the pass becomes damaged so that the text, photo or QR code is unclear, the pass will be confiscated at the gate, and a new pass must be ordered at Information (for a fee). The new pass will be sent by post.
  • The passholder must have the pass (either the physical pass or the temporary pass in print or on a smartphone/tablet) on their person throughout the visit.
  • The pass must be presented on request.
  • In the event of non-compliance with Knuthenborg’s guidelines, as set out in this letter, on and in the security material provided at the visit, the pass may be confiscated definitively without compensation.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Annual Pass/Family Pass does not give a discount in connection with ordering any special experiences/events, even though these may include access to the safari park.
  • Knuthenborg Safaripark’s season typically runs from April through to Sunday in week 42.

Specifically for the Family Pass

  • The Family Pass can ONLY be purchased online.
  • The Family Pass is valid for one season and not valid for any winter openings.
  • The passholder must sit in the same car as the up to 4 people you want to go into the safari park.
  • The Family Pass can only be used once a day.
  • The Family Pass offers no benefits to our partners, other zoos or amusement parks.
  • It is not possible to renew a Family Pass via My Knuthenborg.
  • The Family Pass gives access (may require ticket purchase) to special events for the holder and 4 guests in the same car.
  • Family Pass discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions at Knuthenborg Safaripark.

Specifically for the Annual Pass

  • Valid for 12 months from purchase, but at Knuthenborg Safaripark only on opening days between April and October. The pass is not valid for any winter openings at the safari park from November to February.
  • Provides a number of benefits and discounts at Knuthenborg Safaripark and our partners. See the benefits here >
  • If you have purchased a day ticket to the safari park, on the day, you can convert it to an Annual Pass against payment of the difference between the ticket and the price of the Annual Pass. The amount that is deducted is the amount paid at the entrance. In the case of discount schemes which include a subsequent partial refund, e.g. COOP bonus, the amount deducted from the Annual Pass price will be the price of the day ticket minus the bonus amount. Refund/purchase of Annual Passes on the day must always be done at Information in Limpopo Land.
  • The Annual Pass is valid from 1 hour from ordering on and 365 days onwards and can be used after 1 hour as an admission ticket to Knuthenborg Safaripark (during the season).
  • If you wish to use the Annual Pass with one of the partners mentioned on, this can only be done by presenting the physical Annual Pass, which is sent within approx. 14 days. So, the temporary Annual Pass can only be used at Knuthenborg Safaripark. It is not possible to collect your Annual Pass from Knuthenborg Safaripark.
  • The Annual Pass discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions at Knuthenborg Safaripark or with our partners.
  • Reservations are made for changes to discounts, benefits and the selection of partners where the pass can be used.
  • 14 days before the Annual Pass expires, a text message with a reminder will be sent if you have entered your mobile number when ordering.
  • Upon renewal, the pass is valid for 365 days from order. If the pass is renewed, for example, 5 days before expiration, the pass is still only valid for 365 days – not 370 days.

Say Goodnight and special event tickets

  • Non-refundable and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.
  • Only valid on the date you have selected.

Knuthenborg Camp safari tents

  • Please check that the booking is as requested.
  • The ticket must be presented on arrival as a printout or on a smartphone/tablet.
  • Limpopo Land is Knuthenborg Safaripark’s huge amusement area with Denmark’s highest water slide, slides, water playground, Denmark’s largest adventure playground, eateries and café. Access to this is part of the price of Knuthenborg Camp.
  • Knuthenborg Camp is located in the middle of Knuthenborg Safaripark, and access to the safari park is part of the price of staying overnight. Annual and Family Passes cannot be used in connection with staying at Knuthenborg Camp.
  • Annual or Family Passes cannot be used to access the safari park in connection with staying overnight.
  • Cancellation conditions:
    – Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 21 days before your scheduled arrival.
    – If cancelled 7 days before arrival, a fee of 30% of the price will be invoiced.
    – If cancelled later than 7 days or no show, no compensation is offered.
    – Cancellations or changes can be made to or on Tel. +45 54 78 80 (press 2) on weekdays from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.
  • We make reservations for cancellations in the event of very severe weather, where we consider that there may be a danger to the safety of overnight guests. If Knuthenborg cancels a stay due to severe weather, the full amount will be refunded, of course.
  • We make a reservation that not all animals can be experienced on the Savannah in the case of, for instance, low temperatures, severe weather or acute matters with the herds of animals. This does not give the right to a reduction in the price of the overnight stay.

Congo Splash and Kampala Express

  • Admission to Congo Splash and Kampala at Knuthenborg Safaripark is included in the entrance. Access to these activities is subject to VAT, see the provisions of the VAT Act, and the rate and amount of VAT will be stated on admission tickets and invoices. It is possible to opt-out of these activities. This is done for practical reasons as follows: By email to Information at Knuthenborg Safaripark in connection with ticket purchases online, or in connection with personal service from ticket sales at the Park. Refunds due to opting out of the activities mentioned above is done through personal contact with Information inside the Park. Refunds can only be made after endorsement on the admission ticket from ticket sales or upon presentation of an email confirmation received from Knuthenborg Safaripark.

Other purchases

  • Non-refundable and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.
    Safari School
  • We reserve the right to cancel a given group if there are too few registrations.


  • All tickets will be delivered to the specified email address shortly after we receive your order – usually within 10 min. If this does not happen, you are welcome to contact us – please check your spam filter first.
    Payment and security
  • Credit card transactions are done on a separate secured server with full encryption of all credit card information. We use Quickpay Manager, and this solution meets all Nets requirements for secure payment solutions.
  • Payment can be made with Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, JCB Card.
  • The amount will only be debited from your card when the purchase is complete. A larger amount than you approved at the time of purchase can never be debited.


  • Information you have submitted to is not disclosed or sold to third parties, and we do not record any sensitive personal data. The information you provide in connection with subscribing to our newsletter will also not be disclosed to third parties, and the information will be treated confidentially, cf. Danish legislation and GDPR.

Right of cancellation

  • Online purchases are non-refundable.

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