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At Knuthenborg, which is Northern Europe’s largest safari park, the animals set the pace as they roam freely on the vast grounds. Here, there is room to be amazed by the grandeur of the animals, feel the rush in your stomach as the roller coasters race, be startled the first time you see the world’s largest dinosaur, and enjoy the coziness of petting donkeys or savoring local and sustainable food with the most beautiful view over the Savannah. But the complete Knuthenborg experience is obtained when you stay overnight at Knuthenborg Camp in the heart of the park with a view of the animals. Read more about all the experiences below.

Stay overnight

Stay overnight in glamping tents or cabins with the most beautiful view of the animals!

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Meet the animals

In Knuthenborg Safaripark the animals walk freely in huge areas and you will get the opportunity to meet the animals at short range.

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Amusement paradise

Limpopoland is Denmark's largest water and nature playground. Also, try Europe's steepest water slide. All the amusements and activities are included in the price.

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Forest of the dinosaurs

In the beautiful forest of sequoia trees you will meet the giants of the past - almost alive. The movements and sound of the animals are extremely vivid.

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Museum of Evolution

Embark on a journey through time where unique and highly valuable authentic skeletons of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are brought to life through the art of light, sound, and scent.

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Delicious food

We offer delicious burgers in Kisumi Burger, crispy pizzas in Nakuru, gourmet food in Flintehuset and much more. You can also bring your own food to enjoy in the park.

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