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Overnight stay in Knuthenborg Camp 2023

There are still available camps, but hurry up. Camps starting from 1,999 DKK.

All prices include access to the safari park for two days for 6 people, accommodation in Knuthenborg Camp, evening experiences, electricity, water, and final cleaning.

When the park closes for day visitors, you will have the park to yourselves, and you’ll have an even wilder experience with many evening activities. Ask your questions during guided visits in the camp area or visit the elephant stable, the Evolution Museum, and the Dinosaur Forest. It doesn’t get wilder than this.

You need to park your car at the campsite by 5:00 PM, but you have the opportunity to walk around the park until 09:00 PM. Once it’s 09:00 PM, you can settle down in the camp and enjoy the view until 8:00 AM the next morning when you can walk around the park on foot until 10:00 AM. After that, you can get in your car and spend another day in our wonderful park.

Enjoy one of our delicious meal kits while observing the silhouettes of the animals in the sunset.

In the event of, for example, severe weather, periods of low temperatures, illness among the herds, or other acute situations, some animals may not be outside in the large areas.