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25-50 years

200-400 kg

79-160 cm

Gestation period
12 months

Number of offspring
1 foal (rarely 2)

Not endangered

Did you know…

  • The domesticated donkey descends from the African wild ass, which is now only found in a few places in Northeast Africa.
  • The African wild ass is among the rarest mammals on Earth!
  • Donkeys are in the same family as horses and zebras.
  • It is estimated that the first donkeys were domesticated around 10,000-12,000 years ago.
  • The African wild ass can survive with a massive water loss of up to 30% of its body weight and recover the significant loss within 2-5 minutes after drinking water.
  • On hot days, donkeys cool themselves down by dissipating heat through their long ears.
  • Donkey hooves are narrower than horse hooves, which provides them with a more secure footing but makes them slower than horses.
  • Donkeys’ loud braying sounds can be heard up to 3 km away.
  • The donkeys are the first animals you will see when entering the park because they are great at welcoming guests. Meet the donkeys at Maglemermarken.