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Open forests and grasslands in Australia

25-30 years

30-55 kg

 150-190 cm

Gestation period
Incubates eggs for 50-56 days

Number of offspring
5-15 eggs

Conservation status
Not threatened

Did you know…

  • In emus, females are larger than males.
  • Male emus usually live with a harem of multiple females.
  • The ostrich family, to which the emu belongs, consists of four species: emu, ostrich, rhea, and cassowary.
  • This family of birds dates back to the time of dinosaurs!
  • When it comes to incubating the eggs, it is actually the male who takes charge. He is the one who sits on the nest.
  • During this time, he remains inactive for eight weeks without food or water and enters a state of torpor, lowering his body temperature to 3-4 degrees and reducing his water loss to one-fifth of the normal rate.
  • He is also responsible for raising the chicks until they are old enough to fend for themselves.
  • When you walk through the emu enclosure in Knuthenborg, you may sometimes hear drum-like sounds. The sounds come from the emus themselves. They are created by an inflatable neck pouch that the birds can regulate.
  • Emus use these sounds for communication, both for territorial marking and as a threat towards rivals.
  • The drumming sound is said to be audible from a distance of 2 km.

Meet the emus in the Dinosaur Forest.