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Fallow deer

Deciduous forests, coniferous forests, and open natural areas in Europe, North Africa, and introduced to North and South America.

Up to 16 years

Does (females): 30-50 kg
Stags (males): 60-100 kg

75-100 cm

7.5 months

Number of offspring
1 fawn

Conservation status
Not threatened

Did you know…

  • You can recognize a fallow deer by its rump or “mirror.”
  • It has a white patch surrounded by two black stripes and a black tail, resembling the number 111.
  • Only males grow antlers.
  • Fallow deer have a wide field of vision in all directions except directly behind them, due to the positioning of their eyes on the sides of their head.
  • Fallow deer live in several groups known as herds or “sounders”.
  • In summer, roe deer have spots on their fur.
  • Fallow deer come in various colors, including white, black, dark, and the common light brown.

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