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Patagotitan mayorum

Patagotitan Mayorum

The biggest of all species

The Titanosaurs are a group of dinosaurs known for their immense size, and among them, Patagotitan mayorum takes the title as the largest of them all. This dinosaur was the biggest creature to have ever walked on land. As tall as a rocket and weighing as much as 12 elephants, Patagotitan mayorum gazed out over what is now the Argentine part of Patagonia. The reasons behind their enormous size and how they achieved it are still subjects of research. Some scientists believe that the explanation lies in the explosion of flowering plants during that time. The abundance of flowers created a paradise for these herbivores. Amidst the scent of magnolia trees, Patagotitan mayorum made the formidable T. rex look like a tiny mouse as it peacefully strolled around, nibbling on flowers and figs.

Approximately 37 meters long with a shoulder height of 6 meters

Up to 57 tons

Cretaceous period (101.6 million years ago)


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