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Shetland pony

Domesticated worldwide. Originates from the Shetland Islands northeast of Scotland.

Can live over 30 years.

Approximately 150 kg.

Up to 110 cm.

Gestation period
11-12 months.

Number of offspring
1 foal (very rarely 2).

Not endangered.

Did you know that…

  • There are still around 1500 Shetland ponies roaming the islands northeast of Scotland, along roadsides, on beaches, and in the mountains.
  • Despite their wild appearance, they are all owned and cared for by the locals.
  • The first Shetland ponies can be traced back to 500 BCE.
  • The harsh living conditions have, through generations, created a pony that is both robust, long-lived, and strong.
  • After the use of children in coal mines was prohibited in the mid-19th century, a large number of Shetland ponies were transported to the mainland to perform heavy work.
  • With their small size, great strength, and stable temperament, they were perfect for working in the mines.
  • On the Scottish islands, they were used as riding, pack, and draft animals for peat and plowing.
  • The most common color of Shetland ponies is black, but they can be seen in many colors.
  • Ponies are herd animals.
  • The herd in Knuthenborg consists of the breeding stallion, many mares, and their foals.

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