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Valais Blackneck

Originally from Switzerland, now domesticated in several countries, both privately and in zoos.

15-20 years

Does (female goats): 50-60 kg
Bucks (male goats): 70-90 kg

75-100 cm

Gestation period:
150 days

Number of offspring:
1-2 kids

Not endangered

Did you know…

  • Goats are ruminants like cows and also have four stomachs.
  • Goats have no teeth in their upper jaw. Instead, they have a highly mobile upper lip that helps them sort their food.
  • Goats are quite intelligent animals. You can teach them their names and to come when called.
  • It is said that goats have different dialects depending on the country they come from.
  • Goats have been kept as livestock long before cattle.
  • Goats first arrived in Denmark approximately 6000 years ago.
  • The Walliser kids at Knuthenborg are full of energy. One of the keepers actually caught them playing “the ground is toxic” on the backs of donkeys!
  • The Valais Blackneck goat are the latest species to move into Knuthenborg.

Meet the Valais Blackjack goats at Maglemermarken.