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Water buffalo

Marshes, swamps, and grasslands in Asia

20-25 years

Females: 700-1000 kg
Males: 700-1300 kg

150-190 cm

10-11 months

Number of offspring
1 calf

Status in the wild

Did you know…

  • In the wild, water buffalo herds can consist of up to 500 individuals, with the oldest females being the dominant ones.
  • The concept of mud baths actually originated from observing water buffaloes.
  • It is said that humans discovered the smooth and soft skin of water buffaloes and began taking mud baths to achieve the same effect.
  • The name “water buffalo” is quite fitting, as they cannot survive without water.
  • They lack hair and rely on water and mud to protect themselves from the sun and insects.
  • Water buffaloes have been domesticated over time and are often used as livestock due to their calm temperament and ease of domestication.
  • They are commonly employed as working animals.

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