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Knuthenborg Safaripark

Here in Northern Europe’s largest safari park, you’ll experience 500 wild animals in natural environments and some of the world’s best-preserved skeletons of Permian animals and dinosaurs. The dinosaurs come to life in our wild dinosaur forest, and the thrill in your stomach is guaranteed on the country’s largest natural playground. The complete nature experience awaits you when you wake up to the trumpeting of elephants or the roaring of tigers at Knuthenborg Camp. That’s a wilder experience.

Our goal is to create a complete family experience where the story of evolution provides perspective on our relationship with nature. We believe that animal welfare and the survival of endangered species are the future.

On the animals’ terms
At Knuthenborg, things happen on the animals’ terms, so if the donkeys choose to stand in the middle of the road, we have to wait – just like in nature. Therefore, you may experience fewer or more of the animal species you dream of seeing. The animals set the pace here. For example, tigers are naturally solitary animals that do not live in herds. Therefore, our tigers are always seen alone or in pairs, just as they would have lived in nature.

Mission: We want to provide our guests with the best evolution-based nature and animal experience in Northern Europe.

Vision: We want to inspire our guests to learn about the development of nature and evolution in order to better protect animals and nature in the future.

Values: Animal welfare, guest service

Good cooperation

Rescue animals and animal welfare: Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Danish organization for animal protection)
In collaboration with Dyrenes Beskyttelse, we are committed to prioritizing animal welfare. In many places in Europe, wild animals in circuses, animal experiments, and the trade of wild animals are prohibited. The animals left over after these bans cannot be released into the wild or be part of breeding programs. Therefore, together with Dyrenes Beskyttelse, we have provided a new home in Knuthenborg for retired circus animals, and we continue our work by accepting more rescue animals on an ongoing basis.

Evolutionary history, Permian era, and dinosaurs: Geomuseum Faxe
The collaboration with Geomuseum Faxe’s inspector, the experienced paleontologist Jesper Milan, provides the ideal foundation for a scientifically well-founded and immersive exhibition on evolutionary history, its dissemination, and contributions to new research in the field.

International breeding cooperation to protect endangered species: EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)
A large number of the park’s animals are part of the international breeding cooperation under EAZA. This means that we exchange animals with other zoos throughout Europe so that together we have a better basis for saving endangered species from extinction and, in the long run, reintroducing these species into their natural habitats.

Please note: Visiting Knuthenborg Safaripark is at your own risk, both personally and in terms of property.

Knuthenborg gods

Knuthenborg is owned and operated by CEO Christoffer Knuth and includes:

  • Knuthenborg Safaripark on 400 hectares
  • Agriculture on 1250 hectares
  • Forest, park, and other areas on 1150 hectares, including the popular Merritskov (read more about it here)
  • Bandholm Harbor with a 600-meter quay and a draft of 5.80 meters
  • 3,000 square meters of historical buildings in the Safari Park dating from 1864-1873
  • 7 kilometers of granite wall and 3 kilometers of dykes surrounding the Safari Park
  • 40 rental properties and commercial properties

If you have practical questions regarding your visit to Knuthenborg, and you haven’t booked any special experiences, education, or meals, you should contact us.

Phone: +45 54 78 80 89 Email:


Knuthenborg Safaripark Knuthenborg Allé 2 4930 Maribo

Phone hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Phone: +45 54 78 80 89 Email:

Emergency phone for urgent matters outside the park’s opening hours: +45 93 63 38 60

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