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Autumn in Knuthenborg

In the autumn, Knuthenborg becomes even more wild when you stay at Knuthenborg Camp.
Last year we opened the Dinosaur Forest at night with smoke and we will continue this year from September and onwards. See the dates in the practical information section.

As darkness falls, you’ll have a magical experience in Denmark’s already fantastic Dinosaur Forest. During the day, the dinosaurs are extremely lifelike with sounds and movements, but from September and onwards, you can experience them shrouded in smoke and illuminated with different colored lights, making the experience even more wild.

This year, we’re expanding the possibilities for an even more amazing experience. You’ll be able to see the Wolf Forest illuminated with lights while the wolves get’s activated, and our guides will tell you all about these impressive creatures. You can also see the Museum of Evolution in a new light as the surroundings are lit up to narrate history. Last but not least, there will be guides and ‘night lights’ with the four retired circus elephants.

We’re open until 9 PM, so you can experience it all and enjoy some food and drinks at selected places. See the options in the practical information section. Much of the park closes at 6 PM, but the places mentioned above will still be accessible. You can park at the elephant field near the wolves or at the Dinosaur Forest. The walking distance from the Dinosaur Forest to the Museum of Evolution is about 10 minutes.

The Dinosaur Forest is most intense when it’s darkest. In September, this will be at 8 PM, and in October, at 7:30 PM. You decide how you want it to be.
If you’re leaving after 6 PM, please use the East Gate, located near the Wolf Forest.

Practical Information

As an overnight camp guest, you’re welcome to visit the Dinosaur Forest in smoke and lights from September 12th to October 21st. Additionally, there will be special nighttime lighting for the elephants.
For day visitors, cardholders, and camp guests, we’re open until 9 PM every Saturday from September 16th to October 7th.

During the autumn holiday from Saturday, October 14th to Saturday, October 21st, we’re open until 9 PM every day. We close at 5 PM on Sunday, October 22nd.

Please enter no later than 5 PM.
Please note that once it gets dark, the park will be dark. There will be lighting on the paths, lighting up the trees and guiding you to the next point of interest. It’s a good idea to have your phone charged or bring a flashlight to navigate even better.

Four Wild Experiences

You can experience the Dinosaur Forest shrouded in smoke and lights from 6 PM to 9 PM. You can enjoy hot and cold drinks at the Pangea store. The cozy atmosphere also extends to the square from the four illuminated tents.

In the Wolf Cabin, there will be wolf feeding and guides at around 6:30 PM when the wolves are fed under the glow of white lights, allowing you to get up close to them from the large window in the Wolf Cabin.

There will be guided tours with the elephants around 19:15. Experience the elephants in a very special atmosphere as these giant animals quietly find their way in their huge stable area with subdued night lighting. Please note that the elephants themselves choose whether to be in the stable or not.

The beautiful old Forester’s Farm is illuminated, and the courtyard comes to life as the colored lamps cast a new light on the area. Here, you can visit giants from the past when you explore the displayed dinosaurs in the Black Box. There are options for sandwiches, ice cream, and various drinks