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Coastal and semi-open eucalyptus forests in eastern Australia and Tasmania

Up to 15 years

13.8 – 18.6 kg

75-80 cm Tail length 70-75 cm

29 days in the womb and 9 months in the pouch

Number of offspring
1 joey

Conservation status
Not threatened

Did you know…

  • Kangaroo’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, similar to guinea pigs and rabbits. Therefore, it’s important for them to have food that helps wear down their teeth.
  • When a joey is born, it is small enough to fit in a teaspoon.
  • After birth, the mother licks a trail up her belly that the joey crawls along to reach the nipple inside the pouch.
  • The female kangaroo has four different nipples with different types of milk. This allows her to have multiple joeys at once, each receiving the appropriate milk from their respective nipple.
  • The female kangaroo also has a remarkable ability! If, for example, there is a period of drought and limited food available, she can put her fetus on “pause” and delay giving birth until there is more food.
  • The kangaroo herd in Knuthenborg consists of females and their offspring.
  • Keep your eyes open when walking through the kangaroo enclosure. You may be lucky enough to see some joeys sticking their heads or tails out of their mother’s pouch.

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