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Unpleasant cousin of Tyrannosaurus

The top killer of the Jurassic period. On a moist floodplain in North America 155 million years ago, a dinosaur has ruled over all the others. Allosaurus kept Tyrannosaurus down so it didn’t stand a chance in the Jurassic period. With its enormous jaw and mouth full of sharp teeth, our top predatory dinosaur hunted its prey in the same way as Komodo dragons, using the slash-and-tear method. First, Allosaurus would hurl its powerful upper jaw at its unfortunate victim, then tear it apart with its sharp and serrated teeth specialized for ripping flesh. This allowed Allosaurus to ravage the plains, even though its biting force was actually weaker than that of modern alligators, lions, and leopards. Its teeth were constantly replaced, much like sharks. Allosaurus didn’t have to worry about losing a tooth while tearing into its prey—it simply grew a new one.

7-9 meters long

1-2 tons

Late Jurassic period (157-152 million years ago)


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