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Knuthenborg Camp FAQ

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Find answers to your questions about overnight stays at Knuthenborg Camp

Before you book

The prices start at 2,199 DKK. The price for each day will be displayed on our booking calendar under ‘book accommodation.’

You pay a unit price that applies to up to 6 people. The price includes access to the safari park for two days + evening access, accommodation in Knuthenborg Camp, and final cleaning.

You can stay in Knuthenborg Camp throughout Knuthenborg Safari Park’s opening season, from April 1st to October 22nd, 2023.


Yes, you can definitely do that. After you have selected the arrival and departure dates in the booking calendar, the ‘add tent’ button will appear in the upper right corner. Here you can add as many tents as you need.

You are also welcome to contact us at (+45) 54 78 80 89 – press 2 (weekdays 9-15), and we will be happy to assist you with the booking.

Knuthenborg Safaripark is vast, with over 23 km of roads. Therefore, it is a requirement that you are able to get around on your own during your visit. However, it is possible to reach all of our camp areas by bicycle, so staying at Knuthenborg Camp is still an option.

You can cycle around in certain areas of the park, but in sections with dangerous animals, such as the wolves, savannah, and bison areas, you must be in a car.

Tent number 10 in Knuthenborg Camp Masai Mara is specifically designed with increased accessibility in mind. It has a ramp leading up to the tent, and there is more space indoors, including the toilet area. Like the other tents, it can accommodate up to 6 guests, with a double bed and two bunk beds.

Unfortunately, no. The tents are approved by the fire authorities for a maximum of 6 people, and it is not allowed to have more than that in the tent.

Cancellation of your stay can be done free of charge up to 21 days before the planned arrival.

In case of cancellation of your stay 7 days before the planned arrival, a fee of 30% of the price will be charged.

For cancellations made later than 7 days before the planned arrival or in case of no-show, no compensation will be offered.

Cancellation of additional purchases such as experiences, meals, and linen can be done without charge until 3 business days before arrival. Cancellations made later will not result in a reduction of the price.

Cancellation of your stay or changes to additional purchases can be done via email at or on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm by calling (+45) 54 78 80 89 (press 2).

Practical details regarding your stay

On the day of arrival, you are welcome to Knuthenborg Safaripark from the opening time at 10 AM.

Whenever it suits you, between 3 PM and 5 PM, you drive up to the check-in at Guest Services in Limpopoland. Here, you will receive practical information regarding your stay.

From 3 PM, you can drive to your camp area where your tent will be ready.

The next day, check-out should be done by 11 AM, but you are welcome to enjoy a full day in the park.

If you are a larger group or have booked multiple tents, you do not need to arrive together, as long as all cars have the booking confirmation for the respective tents at the entrance.

The booking confirmation can be presented either in print or on a smartphone.

Before departure, we kindly ask you to:

  • Wash dishes and put used utensils in their place
  • Take out the trash and replace the bag
  • Empty the refrigerator of food items
  • Ensure that you have collected all your personal belongings
  • Gather rented bed linen/towels in a pile.

If you move utensils or any other items between tents, please make sure they are returned to the correct tent before check-out to avoid the risk of being charged for missing inventory/items.

Food and linen

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food. Each camp area has a gas grill available, either on the terrace or in a centrally located grill hut, which you are welcome to use.

We kindly ask that you clean the grill after use.

Yes, you can pre-order both dinner and breakfast for your stay.

Catering can be ordered online at the same time as booking your stay or afterwards by contacting us at or phone (+45) 54 78 80 89 – press 2 (weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm). Food orders can be made up to 10 days before arrival.

Take a look at our menu for Knuthenborg Camp here. 

Unfortunately no. The contents of the meal packages are fixed, so if you have allergies, we recommend that you bring your own food.

Yes, you can order towels and linen online at the time of booking the tent, or afterwards by contacting us at or phone (+45) 54 78 80 89 – press 2 (weekdays 9 am -5 pm).

Ordered linen packages will be ready upon arrival, you just need to make the beds yourself.

Note: Even if you order linen, please bring your own baby duvet and bedding. We only provide linen for adult beds and duvets.

Information about the tents and cabins

Each tent has a kitchen with a small refrigerator, hot plate, sink, kettle, and coffee machine, but no oven or microwave. There are pots, pans, and utensils for preparing a simple meal, as well as plates, wine and water glasses, cutlery, serving dishes, and tableware. We provide dishwashing brush and detergent, 2 dish towels, and a dishcloth.

Each tent has its own toilet and shower cabin, where we provide toilet paper and hand soap.

For all beds, there are duvets and pillows. You just need to bring your own linen or rent it from us. There is a high chair and a crib in every tent.

Please note: For the crib, please bring your own baby blanket and sheets.

There will be electric heaters in each tent. They cannot fully heat the non-insulated tent, but they help take the edge off the cold. It’s a good idea to bring nightwear, thick socks, or slippers if you’re visiting in spring or autumn. There are fleece blankets in the tent, but if you have space in your car, it may be nice to bring a thick blanket from home.

It is not allowed to bring your own electric heaters or other heating sources such as gas or petroleum.

No, it is not allowed to smoke in the tents, nor on the terrace. Smoking is only permitted near the barbecue huts located close to the tents in the various camp areas.

No, unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other pets on the stay – not even if they stay in the car.

The experience at Knuthenborg Camp

No, in case of severe weather, periods of low temperatures, illness within the animal groups, or other emergency situations, it may happen that some animals are not out in the large area. The absence of a specific animal does not entitle you to a discount on your stay.

No, feeding the animals is strictly prohibited for both your safety and the safety of the animals.

Knuthenborg Safaripark is open every evening for our camp guests, but only on foot. You are welcome to take an evening stroll in the area and enjoy the tranquility of the park.

Further information regarding this will be provided during check-in on the day of arrival.

However, it is not permitted or possible to leave the park after closing time.

Yes, we will brief you on safety and emergency procedures during check-in. Throughout your stay, you will have the option to contact our security service for assistance in case of any urgent situations.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed above, please feel free to contact us at or phone (+45) 54 78 80 89 – press 2, on weekdays between 8 am and 3 pm.