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NEWS: the Museum of Evolution

The Allosaur, Big Joe, displayed at the Museum of Evolution

In April 2023, the biggest venture ever opens in Knuthenborg Safaripark, when the Museum of Evolution opens! The museum offers unique and very valuable genuine fossils from dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Among other fossils, the extremely rare Archaeopteryx is on display, which is the direct link between dinosaurs and birds.

The Museum of Evolution uses the knowledge of animal life from the present to get a better understanding of the animals from the past. Therefore the museum is very conveniently located in Knuthenborg Safaripark. The museum offers a completely unique collection of real bones and skeletons from ferocious dinosaurs and funny-looking animals from the time before the dinosaurs. Your understanding of modern animal life will be revolutionised after your visit. The natural history collection in Knuthenborg is expanded into a large, independent museum with sensational and extremely valuable finds of large ancient skeletons. You are taken on a 300-million-year journey in time that opens a gate to another world.

The Museum of Evolution has real bones from six large dinosaurs, 10 prehistoric animals from the period before the dinosaurs (the Permian Age), and several stunningly odd animals from the Ice Age, which is all gathered in the 1000 m2 museum. The allosaurus Big Joe will be accompanied by a completely new dinosaur species, a huge horned Torosaurus, the extremely rare dinosaur bird Archeopteryx, and several other world firsts. You can join the journey all the way from when the dinosaur is discovered until it is excavated, exhibited, and finally ends up at the Museum of Evolution.

The exhibitions are a reinterpretation of a traditional natural history museum to highlight the experience of the unique skeletons. The exhibitions offer a light show and sound art complemented by a fragrance universe that has not been seen before and gives the storytelling a unique new dimension. The fragrance universe will expose you to scents of blood, earth, and swamp.

The evolution of large animals

The rare finds tell the fascinating story of the evolution of large animals to the ones that live at Knuthenborg today.

In the Museum of Evolution you will learn about the large animals of Earth. About how animals from different times hunted, evolved to survive, and about which ones could not adapt to the Earth’s changeable climate. Some of the animals have never been in Denmark before, and they will provide a unique experience of the most important periods in evolutionary history.

The exhibition was created in close collaboration with Geomuseum Faxe and international researchers so that both now and in the future we can help to create knowledge about how our lives today are shaped by times long ago. Including Mark Loewen, who is a leading researcher on Big Joe.

Experience the Museum of Evolution in and around Skovridergården in the heart of the park.