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Forest of the Dinosaurs

In the most beautiful forest of giant sequoia and cypress trees, you will experience the almost lifelike presence of ancient giants – even their eyes move! Our Dinosaurs Forest is the wildest in Europe. Here, you will encounter all the wild dinosaurs, from the fierce T. rex to the world’s largest dinosaur – a staggering 47-meter-long neck.

In the camp area of the Dinosaurs Forest, you will learn more about the history of life on Earth, the evolution of dinosaurs and their descendants, as well as the work of paleontologists in excavations and identification of fossil finds. Children and the young at heart can even excavate fossils from 60 million-year-old limestone blocks from the Faxe Quarry. Make sure to also visit our shop, Pangea, where we sell everything from dinosaur plush toys to authentic dinosaur fossils! From the area, you have access to the enclosure with emus and kangaroos, both of which have relevance to the history of dinosaurs.

You can also visit the Museum of Evolution. Here, you will embark on a journey through time from the Permian period into the era of dinosaurs. Experience Europe’s most complete exhibition of Permian animals, culminating with the awe-inspiring Big Joe.

Read and learn more about all our dinosaurs and see pictures of the experience below.