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At Knuthenborg Safaripark, the animals roam freely in large areas. They are divided based on the continent where their species originated from, as it is most natural for the animals to interact with others they would naturally encounter in the wild. In Knuthenborg, things are done on the animals’ terms, so if the donkeys choose to stand in the middle of the road, everyone else does too – just like in nature.

That’s why you may experience seeing fewer or more individuals of the animal species you dream of encountering. The animals set the pace here. For example, tigers are naturally solitary animals that do not live in herds. Therefore, our tigers are always seen alone or in pairs, as they would have lived in the wild.

Read about our breeding collaborations here.

Below, you can get an overview of the species living in Knuthenborg and where you can meet them. Click on the different animals to learn more.


The Savannah


Nutiden at the Dinosaur Forest


The monkey forest

The tiger forest